NYPD Muslim Surveillance

Gaffney laments disbanding of NYPD Muslim surveillance unit

The New York Police Department announced yesterday it would be disbanding its Muslim surveillance unit, drawing criticism from anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney. Commissioner William Bratton announced the NYPD would be abandoning its controversial program that spied, mapped and documented … Continued


ACLU Letter Asks DOJ to Investigate NYPD for Muslim Surveillance

As reported by Imagine 2050, NYPD spying tactics throughout the New York region have been one of several ways the police department has used racial profiling and, in the process, sewn mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color. In … Continued

New Report, Book Reveal Depths of NYPD Spying on Muslims

  In the midst of intense scrutiny of the New York Police Department’s racial and religious profiling policies, a group of Muslim youths say they were beaten by NYPD officers late last month in a Bronx park. Two sisters, ages … Continued