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Nativism lurking within gun advocacy, the NRA’s “single-issue”

No one wants to take sides anymore. In a noncommittal state every noncommittal idea can contribute to the political framework, and we find ourselves bombarded with singular ‘issues’ or ‘causes’ rather than the actual approaches that connect them. No lobby or interest group wants to alienate itself from its basis of support, and so this strategy seems to dominate within many popular organizations.

Unsurprisingly, this tactic benefited the NRA Political Victory Fund (PVF) during the midterm elections. To bolster the credibility of its endorsements, Chris Cox (executive director of the organization’s Institute for Legislative Action) gave an interview in the National Review Online, emphasizing that policies—and not politics—informed its choices.

American Identity

Second Amendment Lobby Successful in Midterms

On November 2, the Second Amendment Lobby made its usual show of support for a staggering number of candidates. Whether or not Americans made a conscious decision to vote on this issue, the results show that gun rights groups endorsed a vast number of congressional candidates elected on Tuesday. The coming years will continue to prove that Second Amendment lobbyists, and their ever broadening program, are a stolid force in U.S. politics.

The NRA proved to be as active as ever this election, with over 300 endorsements for congressional candidates nationwide. Of these, only 51 lost in decided elections. The NRA Political Victory Fund did name a surprising number of democrats in its list… Read more