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Cross-post: Armed Neo-Nazis Now Patrolling Sanford

Gratefully borrowed from the Miami New Times Blogs. By Michael Miller Fri., Apr. 6 2012 at 7:00 AM Members of the National Socialist Movement during a patrol on the US-Mexico border in January Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed … Continued


Exclusive Footage: Sen. Russell Pearce endorsed JT Ready

Human League exposes the relationship between J.T. Ready, a former leader in the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce. This video shows State Senator Russell Pearce endorsing JT Ready (AZ’s most famous White Supremacist) … Continued


Hatred Rising

It appears that racially motivated attacks continue to rise in the second year following President Obama’s election and many of these crimes are connected to organized white supremacy. On August 26, a boy was attacked by three men who identified … Continued


Anti-Immigrant Hidden Cameras & Neo-Nazi Patrols

The anti-immigrant group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released its “hidden camera” documentary film this past July. A ten minute video titled, “Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border 2: Drugs, Guns and 850 Illegal Aliens,” is the second “hidden camera” … Continued


Armed Neo-Nazis Hunt Immigrants in Arizona Desert

The climate of fear in Arizona’s desert has just reached new levels. Stephen Lemons’ piece in yesterday’s Phoenix New Times clearly illustrates this as he documents his trip with J.T. Ready -a neo-Nazi and border vigilante. As previously reported by … Continued


Youth Classes at Christian Identity Church: A New Generation of Hate

Beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. The sky is blue, birds are chirping, life seems peaceful enough. But something dark is brewing in Sandpoint, Idaho. As a matter of fact, something dark has been brewing there for quite some time. It is no … Continued


Neo-Nazis Antagonize Marchers Protesting SB 1070 in Phoenix

This past Saturday, well over 50,000 people attended a rally in Phoenix, Arizona to protest the racist S.B. 1070 bill signed by Arizona governor Jan Brewer in April. People from all across the country traveled to Phoenix and braved the … Continued


Neo-Nazi Activities Target Immigrants

When I first heard about the National Policy Institute’s “Boycott the Glenn Beck Boycott,” I was a little surprised, but just a little. Due to Beck’s racially charged reporting, Color of Change launched a boycott targeting companies financially supporting Beck’s … Continued