NC Dream Team

State fights over driver’s licenses hand the anti-immigrant movement multiple defeats

On Friday, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gave the anti-immigrant movement bad news: immigrant youth who have received deferred action cannot be discriminated against so easily. The announcement should embolden grassroots immigrant rights activists, who over the past … Continued

Audiolog: Dreamers, not just What They’re Fighting for, but Who They’re Fighting

“Every great dream starts with a dreamer,” said Harriet Tubman over 100 years ago. As we gear up for another election year, Dream Act legislation is once again a topic of debate. Listen to the latest edition of Imagine2050′s audio … Continued

North Carolina Youth Draw Inspiration from Civil Rights Movement

By Domenic Powell The movement for immigrant rights is finding strength in the South. In North Carolina, we’ve known all along that this is where it should come from. This is a state with a long history of systemic injustice; … Continued

Charlotte, NC: Community Rallies, Rodrigo Cruz Ambrocio Saved from Deportation

When a community comes together, deportations can be stopped, and such was the case recently in North Carolina. Originally from Mexico, Rodrigo Cruz Ambrocio has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, since he was 10 years-old. He is 16 now and … Continued

A Quick Look at the Arrests in North Carolina

This week in Charlotte, NC, undocumented students bravely spoke out against a system that discourages education and creates fear against the immigrant community. On Tuesday, September 6, members of the NC Dream Team held a rally on the campus of … Continued

Cross-Post: Seven Undocumented Youth Speak Out Against Federal Inaction and the Lack of Educational Access

This piece was originally posted at by Domenic Powell & Jose Torres-Don Risk arrest at ‘coming out’ action in 287(g) county One year before the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, undocumented youth from across the state will speak out … Continued