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NY Times: More deportations come after minor violations — or none at all

Activists this weekend showed up at demonstrations across the country to draw attention to the nearly two million deportations estimated to have occurred since 2008. While many groups were pushing state legislators to change immigration laws, protesters are increasingly turning … Continued


Cross-Post: Groups Boycott Radio Show’s Advertisers After Hosts Target Immigrant Advocate

Originally posted by Think Progress on December 22nd. Minority and immigrant rights groups have been pushing for John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, hosts of The John and Ken Show on the Clear Channel radio station KFI in California, to be … Continued


Cross-Post: States that Passed Arizona-style Immigration Laws Now Face Costly, Uphill Legal Battles

Originally published on Immigration Impact by Seth Hoy. Despite repeated warnings from business groups, tourism and industry boards and advocates about the hefty price tag attached to Arizona-style legislation, state lawmakers continued to push “get tough” copycat proposals. Many ultimately … Continued

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Tongues

The media needs to feature more pro-immigrant voices. Recently, my local newspaper published a letter that blamed immigrants for our economic woes.  I wrote a response where I pointed out that undocumented people pay taxes and contribute to the economy. … Continued


Americans Fed Up with Broken Immigration Policies

Current U.S. detention and immigration enforcement policies pose a grave threat to civil and human rights. The recent expansion of flawed enforcement programs is bad for America, and Department of Homeland Security head, Janet Napolitano, is not upholding the Obama … Continued


Dept. of Homeland Security Promotes Racist E-Verify on NPR

National Public Radio airs ads for E-Verify and draws sharp criticism. The ad spots were purchased by the Department of Homeland Security and promote their E-Verify program, a controversial employee verification system. The ads run at the end of a … Continued