Mark Krikorian, Herman Cain, Mosques, and the “Danger” within.

by Jerry Higgins Herman Cain has once again found himself in the news for less than favorable reasons. That pesky religion Islam is doing its best to stop him getting elected President, darn it. This time it was the audacity … Continued


The GOP Candidates and the Stoking of Islamophobia

by Jerry Higgins Here are musings of Glenn Beck on his show just last Tuesday: “Would I be more uncomfortable with a Muslim? Yes.” He and his co-host, of course, were discussing the GOP Presidential debate which took place on … Continued


Islamophobic Leaders Continue Quest to Demonize Muslims

By Jerry Higgins Two of the highest profile Islamophobes in the US at the moment have had very busy weeks. Pamela Geller, of the Atlas Shrugs blog, and Robert Spencer, of the Jihad Watch blog, are well known in the … Continued