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Cross-Post: Muslim Americans to NYPD: Enough Already, the Commish Must Go

Originally published by Colorlines on January 27th. On Tuesday the New York Times reported that the New York Police Department showed nearly 1,500 of its officers “The Third Jihad,” a 72-minute documentary that casts Muslim Americans as ubiquitously engaged in … Continued

US Islamophobes & Anders Behring Breivik: “This rhetoric is not cost-free.”

by Jerry Higgins “We’re stealing it back“: those were the words of Robert Spencer on July 25. Anders Behring Breivik committed “the worst atrocity [Norway] has seen since the Second World War”: those were the words of Norway’s Prime Minister, … Continued


Dept. of Homeland Security Not Concerned by Rightwing Extremism

With the tragic shooting and bombing in Norway, we once again have the impetus to take a critical look at all movements that pose threats to our safety and democracy.


Somali Community Concerned About Recent Vandalism

The red spray paint on the front window of Somali-owned Hormud Market had not a so subtle message: “GO HOME.” The bigot who painted the graffiti could have chosen any other grocery store in town, but painting those sentiments in … Continued


Geert Wilders, the Dutch Anti-Immigrant Microphone

When you ask the Average Joe what they know about Holland, the answer you get is almost always the same; a country that is one of the most liberal in the world whose capital Amsterdam is famous for its Red … Continued