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Colorado ASSET moves forward: the opposition grumbles as immigrant youth speak out

Persistence paid off last month, as undocumented students moved one step closer to equal access to higher education. On Thursday, January 24, the Colorado Senate Education Committee approved a bill called Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET), a proposed law … Continued

Center for Immigration Studies: Obama’s Policies Could Spark a Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in US

Formed in 1985 the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has long proved a vital organization within the constellation of groups that together comprise the contemporary anti-immigrant movement. Though residing behind the facade of an objective, unbiased group that simply researches … Continued


JT Ready: 10 Warning Signs of a Potential Killer

JT Ready’s killing spree in Gilbert this week shocked many but surprised few. His violent rhetoric and actions as well as membership in groups with a history of violence led many to believe that Ready was a dangerous person. While … Continued


“Leaders” who promote false notion of competition between African Americans and immigrants still connected to anti-immigrant groups

In 2006, the John Tanton Network of anti-immigrant groups, which include FAIR, Center for Immigration Studies, and NumbersUSA, launched Choose Black America to serve as an African-American front group for the anti-immigrant movement. One of the “leaders” it chose to … Continued


Blackface and the Far Right

Why is putting on blackface such the rage on the far right? The mighty pale Tea Party movement is not the first to try this tactic. The nearly all white anti-immigrant movement has been trying on blackface over the last … Continued