Midterm Elections


House Immigration Reform Caucus loses members, not affiliations with anti-immigrant groups

The House Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC) recently updated its website with a slick new interface. Along with the new website, the Caucus revealed its list of members following the 2010 midterm elections last November. The Caucus now boasts 65 members from … Continued


Nativism lurking within gun advocacy, the NRA’s “single-issue”

No one wants to take sides anymore. In a noncommittal state every noncommittal idea can contribute to the political framework, and we find ourselves bombarded with singular ‘issues’ or ‘causes’ rather than the actual approaches that connect them. No lobby … Continued


Did hateful rhetoric fuel deadly shooting in Arizona?

In the aftermath of today’s tragic events in Tucson, the motive of the shooter who killed six and injured over a dozen others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is still in question. What we do know is that the suspect, Jared … Continued


Second Amendment Lobby Successful in Midterms

On November 2, the Second Amendment Lobby made its usual show of support for a staggering number of candidates. Whether or not Americans made a conscious decision to vote on this issue, the results show that gun rights groups endorsed … Continued


The Tea Party’s Wins Could Devastate Progress

Last night, dozens of Tea Party-backed candidates were elected to the Senate and House.  For some of the candidates, the Tea Party’s support gave them the campaign funds and exposure to win.  For others, being affiliated with the Tea Party … Continued