Mexican Immigrants


Fear Resonates in the Eyes of Arizona’s Latino Residents

The following article is one of a series of accounts from students who recently returned  from Arizona. They were part of a delegation that spent a week touring the state amid  the enactment of controversial law SB 1070. The Center for New Community, a national civil rights organization based in Chicago, sponsored the trip, which included nine students from Washington D.C., New York, Chicago and Colorado.

By Brendan Francis

During the week of August 9, 2010 along with 12 other people, I traveled to Arizona to learn more about the immigration movement from all sides and what I could do to help counter hatred towards immigrants. We traveled to Phoenix and Tucson,… Read more


Restricting the American Dream

In December of 1997, I boarded a plane from Ireland with my family bound for America. My dad had been offered a job in Chicago and he took it without question. When we arrived I faced the daunting task of starting school in a completely different country where I knew nobody. I didn’t think I would fit in with the other kids because of my accent and because the school system and culture is completely different. But from the first day I walked into my 5th grade class I found out that I had something good going for me: in America being Irish is considered to be “cool.” I was the center of attention… Read more


Olympic Coverage Marred by Media Bias

A few days ago an Associated Press article caught my attention. It told the inspiring story of Henry Cejudo and his road to Olympic Gold. It’s a powerful story - determined young man rises from poverty, fights the odds, and becomes the best. Unfortunately the writer ruined it by referring to Henry’s parents as Mexican aliens.

When is the media going to catch on that referring to human beings as aliens is degrading? There are literally dozens of other terms that would be more respectful, but the writer chose the one word that many now consider derogatory. How about just describing his parents as Mexican immigrants? When the focal… Read more