Meat Packing Plants


NC Youth Gain Support From Locals To “Drop the I Word”

By Tiffany Ma On May 1, 2011, students from the Latin American Coalition’s youth group in Charlotte, NC, were able to obtain more than 1,000 signatures from local residents in support of their “Drop the I Word” campaign. The students … Continued

Food Justice

Discerning between cheap and inexpensive food

Over the past few years I have turned a critical eye on American agribusiness and the corporate food industry. Giant companies increasingly turn profits by cheapening the nutritional value of food and selling it inexpensively. High fructose corn syrup and … Continued

Food Justice

Somali Refugee Struggles and Triumphs

Most of the Somali refugees in central Minnesota were resettled in early 2001, and they have being living and working in communities there for the last decade. Generally, the refugees have had tumultuous experiences while transitioning, although each community dealt … Continued

Food Justice

Crosspost: Lawsuits Against Two West Michigan Meat-packing Plants

Workers in west Michigan are suing against two meat-packing plants for lost wages according to a recent article in the Grand Rapids News. By Nardy Baeza Bickel, The Grand Rapids Pres… GRAND RAPIDS — Two area meat-packing plants are being … Continued


National Town Hall Meeting: We Can’t Wait

Among cheers of “Sí se puede!” and “Time is now!” hundreds packed into the Church of the Reformation for a National Town Hall meeting on Capitol Hill. Their calls were clear - we can’t wait, we need comprehensive immigration reform … Continued


Food is Not Safe Until Workers are Safe

On March 14 President Obama used his weekly radio/video address to talk about food safety and to announce the nomination of Margaret Hamburg as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner. His announcement came as recent cases of salmonella poisoning in … Continued