Bigots in Suits – Anti-immigrant Lawyer Running For Office

July 27, 2010 by MJ Olahafa ·
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Mike Hethmon at a Social Contract event

Mike Hethmon at a Social Contract event

Yesterday was a day of discoveries. I discovered that my hair was an inch longer than the last time I checked, I discovered that one of my best friends decided to ditch her first name and go with her middle name instead. And I discovered that the good people of Maryland District 27A are about to get a good dose of bigotry when Mike Hethmon runs for district delegate.

Mike Hethmon is the General Counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute [IRLI], the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. FAIR was founded by white nationalist John Tanton, and received funds from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation which furthers research for racial eugenics. Racial eugenics was very influential during the early twentieth century - used to justify the atrocities of Nazi Germany and slavery in the United States, but was rejected by the American public and legitimate scientific communities after WWII.

Maryland District 27A residents should know that Mike Hethmon has worked with John Tanton for close to nine years now. He attended and spoke at a Writers Workshop for The Social Contract, a white nationalist journal published by Tanton. Read more