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Cross-Post: The Plight of Gay and Transgender Women Seeking Asylum

Originally published by Center for American Progress on March 25, 2013 By Christopher Frost March is Women’s History Month—a time not only to celebrate women’s contributions to history and society, but also to reflect on the injustices and persecution that … Continued


Cross-Post: New York, Marriage Equality and Immigrants

Originally posted on Feet in 2 Worlds. By Erwin de Leon. When Governor Andrew Cuomo called for “justice for all” through the passage of a marriage equality bill earlier this year, I asked whether gay marriage was a priority for … Continued


Cross-post: Immigrants and the LGBT Community Should Support Each Other

Prerna Lal posted this article to’s immigrant rights blog. Heartening to see that even as immigration reform suffers, there are a few bright spots on the horizon. Kudos to the LGBT and immigrant communities for having the courage to … Continued


Passing the DREAM Act; It’s a No-Brainer

by Prerna Lal William Clinton was at Netroots Nations tonight for a keynote address. I couldn’t be bothered to attend and grace his latest simulation with my presence. After all, the former President signed into law two pieces of legislation … Continued


10 Reasons Why Chuck Norris is Not My Hero:

1. He’s a homophobe: opposing protection of LGBT people under the new Hate-Crimes Act. 2. He promotes the use of the Bible and advocates for official prayers in public school. 3. He thinks Texas should secede from the nation and … Continued

A Victory for Gay Rights: Illinois House Committee Approves Civil Unions

A bill recognizing same-sex civil unions was approved by the Illinois House Human Services Committee for a full House vote under the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act. If it passes in the Illinois House it would be a fitting … Continued


Fight for Citizenship Should Engage Blacks and Gays

California’s recently passed Proposition 8, a constitutional measure, now defines “marriage as between a man and woman” and eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry. Many people, either in error or racist intent, have attempted to argue that Proposition … Continued