NumbersUSA Campaign to Increase Co-Sponsors for E-Verify Legislation

Anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA recently started a campaign to increase the number of co-sponsors for Lamar Smith’s E-Verify  legislation. The group are encouraging its supporters to pressure their elected officials into signing onto the anti-immigrant bill. The end goal of the … Continued


Wing-Nuts: Children of Undocumented Immigrants Can’t Be Prosecuted for Crimes

Gratefully ripped from the pages of Joshua Holland’s Blog: It’s fun to take what passes for an “argument” on the far right to its logical conclusion. The exercise tends to show just how fallacious their claims really are. Consider efforts … Continued


Cross-Post: 20 Other States Considering Copying Arizona Immigration Law

John Miller for Huffington Post: BOISE, Idaho — Arizona’s sweeping new immigration law doesn’t even take effect until next month, but lawmakers in nearly 20 other states are already clamoring to follow in its footsteps. Gubernatorial candidates in Florida and … Continued


Legislative Creep(iness)

Arizona’s SB 1070 is not the first anti-immigrant legislation to be passed.  It does however continue the legislative creep that we’ve seen over the last few years.  This is also not the first time that legislative creep has restricted or … Continued