New PAC Aims to Spread Voter Suppression Across the U.S.

The campaigns of incumbent Secretaries of State and several hopefuls across the country looking to assist Kansas’ Kris Kobach in his voter suppression crusade will be given a boost in 2014. As Politico reported last week, a new group, named … Continued


Anti-immigrant Groups Deny Charges of Racism While Attacking Voting Rights

Anti-immigrant groups insist their agenda isn’t racist, but their aggressive attempts at voter suppression indicate otherwise. Under the guise of preventing voter fraud by undocumented immigrants, they promote policies that infringe on the rights of African Americans, Latinos, women, seniors … Continued

Kansas Secretary of State Quietly Continues Extreme Crusade

Kris Kobach hasn’t been in the national spotlight much lately. Not since helping Romney and the GOP epically blow the 2012 presidential election. Aside from a meltdown last June when he suggested that deadly force should be used against peaceful … Continued