John Boehner


John Boehner, Anti-Immigrant Scrooge of the Year

While looking back on 2013 and celebrating the myriad successes immigrant rights advocates achieved - amidst a year of misleading reports and the creation of new front groupsto divide communities - one must recognize the power democracy has to bring … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Activists Join Forces to Pressure House Members During Recess

Congress’ August recess, where elected officials in Washington return to their districts to hear from their constituencies on various issues, is now in its second week. Given recent legislative hearings and the Senate vote to pass a reform bill, immigration … Continued

BALA Announces Multi-City “Tour” to Pressure House Members to Stop “Amnesty”

The Black American Leadership Alliance (BALA) took to its social media outlets last weekend to announce the “We Are America Tour.” The “tour” will actually be a series of rallies all held on September 7. BALA organizer Paul Arnold noted on Facebook that … Continued