Jan Brewer

SB 1070 Decision Still Leaves Doubt about Who’s Enforcing What

The Supreme Court ruled today to preempt three of four SB 1070 provisions. While it’s good that undocumented workers will not be criminalized over employment and that police cannot make unwarranted arrests, the racial profiling provision of the law, i.e. … Continued

Cross-Post: Judge nixes Arizona’s countersuit against U.S. over border

Originally published on POLITICO by Josh Gerstein - October 21, 2011 A federal judge has dismissed a countersuit Arizona Gov. Janice Brewer filed in February after the federal government sued her state to block enforcement of the bulk of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration … Continued


Far From Perfect Union: The Tea Party and the Anti-Immigrant Movement

By Faye Ellis The Tanton Network has tried to solicit the support of “progressive” groups for anti-immigrant causes. Whether it is through “the greening of hate” or the promotion of a black-brown divide, the Network is trying to insert bigotry … Continued


Students on Frontline in Fight Against Hate

This week in the border town of Tucson, Arizona, high school students chained themselves to the chairs of school board members in a struggle against a ban on ethnic studies. When Tucson Unified School District’s governing board prepared to meet … Continued


Audio Blog: Arizona Favors Racial Profiling Over Healthcare

Press play below to listen: Not only has the state of Arizona passed a punitive, racist law called SB1070, but they’ve just cut state funding for residents who need transplants but can’t afford them.  Gov. Jan Brewer believes it’s the … Continued


Story Time in Arizona: Four Heroes & You

Everyone needs to listen to the stories of undocumented students, including Sheriff Arpaio. This year, four students walked 1500 miles from Miami to Washington D.C. to raise awareness about the stories of young immigrants. And this week, they continued their … Continued


I Am Not Ashamed Of Arizona

By Katie Fahrenbruch I am not ashamed of Arizona. I’m angry and disgusted by Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe and Jan Brewer (to name a few), I’m filled with rage when I think about SB 1070 and the cowards who supported … Continued


Sarah Palin’s New Low: Targeting High School Students

Sarah Palin has crossed the line from political joke to political jerk. Last week, an Illinois high school girls basketball team pulled out of a December tournament in Arizona because of the State’s new anti-immigrant law. Highland Park High School’s … Continued