Anti-immigrant group glorifies accused child-killing border vigilante

Anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) recently published an article defending accused child-killer Shawna Forde. The author, Rob Sanchez - a Senior Writing Fellow at CAPS, had the audacity to not only defend Shawna Forde, but describe her as a political prisoner. Here is an excerpt:

Forde has become an icon of the Minuteman movement and the border enforcement movement. Her enemies hoped that the brutal incarceration including solitary confinement and the threat of the death penalty would force her to be silent on immigration but she will not be silenced.

Sanchez caught flack from another anti-immigrant group for his statements. But not because he lionized an accused killer involved in… Read more

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Cross-Post: A “war on drugs” or a war on people of color?

Originally published on Race-Talk, a project of the Kirwan Institute. By Elizabeth Renter on October 21, 2010 at 11:00 am

When the head of the California division of the NAACP spoke out in support of that state’s Proposition 19 this summer, there seemed to be an equal amount of immediate praise and backlash. Alice Huffman labeled the drug war as a “civil rights issue” getting attention both on a state and national level and once again bringing the War on Drugs front and center in the national dialogue on race. Treading on unbroken ground in regards to the NAACP and calling on the legalization of marijuana, Huffman has used

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