In-State Tuition


Attacks on in-state tuition, DACA part of larger plan to make life difficult for immigrants

  In Florida, the House is expected to vote today on one of many bills that would allow undocumented residents to pay the same tuition rates as other Florida students. On Tuesday, a Senate education committee narrowly approved a similar … Continued

Race and the Questioning of “Natural Born Citizens”

Sen. Rubio is a citizen, and so is Wendy Ruiz. But some people question whether they are “natural born citizens.” After doubting Pres. Obama’s birth certificate, the birthers have now attacked Marco Rubio, a conservative senator from Florida. Even though … Continued

Help Save Maryland: FAIR’s Minions Clearly Lack “Common Sense”

It’s disputed whether PT Barnum actually said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Barnum and most of his contemporaries died in the 19th Century, but this powerful message resonates well into the 21st.