Immigration Issue


Immigrants are Vital to Our Communities

A few months back workers were let go from their jobs at a local processing plant in Iowa due to discrepancies with their immigration status. I started to get calls on a cold Monday in January. Workers were in a … Continued


Exclusive Footage: Sen. Russell Pearce endorsed JT Ready

Human League exposes the relationship between J.T. Ready, a former leader in the neo-Nazi group National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce. This video shows State Senator Russell Pearce endorsing JT Ready (AZ’s most famous White Supremacist) … Continued


Anti-immigrant Laws Are Anti-human

Over 60 deaths in U.S. border deserts in July 2010. The number almost rivals that of US troop deaths in Afghanistan for the same month, 66, the deadliest month of a nine-year long war. The number of deaths along the … Continued


Anti-Immigration Group Calls Immigrants ‘Third-World Gold Diggers’

This post by Erin Rosa at Campus Progress describes the agenda of anti-immigrant groups that are attempting to disparage civil rights organizations. Embattled by numerous reports of its ties to white nationalists, The Center For Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington … Continued


The John Tanton Network Brings Hate to African American Community in Maryland

Tonight in Glenarden, Maryland, a townhall meeting is taking place entitled, “Understanding the Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Citizens of Prince George’s County and the State of Maryland.” The event features three groups connected to the John Tanton Network: … Continued


Bosnian Immigration Issue Symptom of International Corporate Robbery

International discourse on immigration and Human Trafficking in Western Europe has focused on Balkan states, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the main culprits. Illegal activity and organized crime in Bosnia, the implication of all Bosnians as corrupt, as … Continued