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Anti-immigrant group’s comments in aftermath of Arizona tragedy are shockingly insensitive

For years, anti-immigrant groups have had a field day in Arizona; using the state to test out the viability of racist legislation like SB 1070. Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and its legal arm Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) … Continued


African Immigrants in the Valley of the Sun

Arizona’s new bill SB1070 has had its share of controversy over the past few months, and with good reason. As much as its supporters try to deny it, the bill is anti-immigrant to the core, calls for racial profiling and … Continued

Tomato Pickers in Florida Battle Slavery

Tomato pickers in Florida have come a long way in securing workers rights, but the path ahead of them keeps stretching farther. Immokalee is an area in Collier county, and is the state’s largest farmworker community. The region is predominately … Continued


Social Contract Press Lies to American Voters

I smell desperation. And the stench is coming from the direction of John Tanton’s clique of bigoted-nativist groups. A few days ago, a report was released by Social Contract Press. The report, titled “How Many Non-Citizen Voters? Enough to Make … Continued