Immigrant children


Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Bills Promote Violence Against Immigrant Women and Their Families

By Susana Sanchez Many of Arizona’s legislators are convinced that harsh anti-immigrant bills would push undocumented immigrants out of Arizona. Instead of encouraging immigrants to leave, the latest anti-immigrant bills are attacking immigrant women and their families. This week, Arizona’s … Continued


Targeting Immigrant Children: Arizona’s Crumbling Moral Foundation

As if the recently-enacted Arizona law targeting ethnic studies in the state’s public schools were not enough; as if a now-scuttled attempt to “lighten” the faces of children in a Prescott mural were not enough; and as if the state’s … Continued


Millions of Children Depend on Compassionate Change

The United States risks forsaking millions of children. When hate groups are permitted to guide national policy and social attitudes, we abandon the most vulnerable of Americans: children existing at the socially constructed fringes of our society. Recently, anti-immigrant groups, … Continued


Restricting the American Dream

In December of 1997, I boarded a plane from Ireland with my family bound for America. My dad had been offered a job in Chicago and he took it without question. When we arrived I faced the daunting task of … Continued