Help Save Maryland


Press Conference Brings Together Leaders of Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant, & White Nationalist Movements

In what is yet another recent and troubling collaboration between the long-established anti-immigrant movement and the ever-emerging Islamophobia movement in this country, at 1pm next Tuesday, Feb 5, the group America’s Survival will hold a press conference at the National … Continued

Maryland immigrant rights activists hand the Tanton Network a decisive defeat

Despite the best (and possibly illegal) efforts of the anti-immigrant movement, the Maryland DREAM Act passed by referendum this week on election night. Thousands of undocumented youth who attended high school in Maryland will be able to continue their education … Continued

HSM Head Brad Botwin Bemoans “Amnesty Day for Hispanic Illegals”

The seldom quoted founder of the resoundingly anti-immigrant Help Save Maryland, Brad Botwin, made sure he’d get his name in print recently. In response to President Obama’s order, Botwin callously boasted, “I guess we’re just going to declare this ‘Amnesty Day for … Continued

Help Save Maryland: FAIR’s Minions Clearly Lack “Common Sense”

It’s disputed whether PT Barnum actually said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Barnum and most of his contemporaries died in the 19th Century, but this powerful message resonates well into the 21st.


Anti-Immigrant Stalwarts Speak on Progressives For Immigration Reform’s Conference Call

Late last week Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), an anti-immigrant group with ties to white nationalism, held its first quarterly conference call. After suffering some major setbacks, the call represents a pretty weak attempt by PFIR to legitimize itself in … Continued