Cross-post: Fox News, Health Care, and the Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown

March 28, 2010 by Imagine 2050 Editors · Comment
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Eric Boehlert posted this article on Media Matters for America on March 23, 2010.

Watching Fox News personalities recently come unglued as the realization set in that (surprise!) Democrats might actually have the votes to pass health care reform — and noting how extraordinarily loopy and dire both the attacks on the White House, and the proclamations for pending, apocalyptic doom were becoming — I was getting nervous that one of Fox News’ more unhinged hosts might finally just snap and pull a Rev. Jim Jones, beseeching viewers to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Honestly, unless you’ve been monitoring the ticking time bomb that is the far-right media in recent days, you probably don’t appreciate how frighteningly possible that cultish scenario has become, as the GOP Noise Machine, led by Fox News, publicly suffers a nervous breakdown. It’s a mental and emotional collapse that’s been advertised in recent days as cablers, radio talkers, and right-wing bloggers have reached for increasingly hysterical, often blood-curdling rhetoric to describe the irreversible atrocity — an incurable, metastasizing malignancy!! — that’s about to seize and destroy the United States in the form of a bill to expand health care coverage. Read more

Now is the Time to Broaden Children’s Health Coverage

January 27, 2009 by Jill Garvey · Comment
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The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is an investment in the future health of America.

Increased funding to SCHIP has twice been vetoed by former President Bush (boy do I love saying former). And now that he is gone, it is being pushed with some urgency for approval from the Senate. SCHIP is a federal program that provides funding to States to give health care coverage to children who are not eligible for Medicaid, but whose families cannot afford private insurance. Read more