America the Traumatized

December 31, 2009 by Imagine 2050 Editors · Comment
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This Alternet post by Adele Stan points to thirteen events that shaped the millennial decade and traumatized the nation. Whether or not you agree with every point, it gives us a lot to think about as we enter the new year.

It’s been one helluva decade, even though we’ve reached the end without knowing what to call it. Some have tried “the aughts,” others the “double-Os.” I’m content to simply call it over. To mark its location in the great march of history, I’ve taken to calling it the millennial decade, after the great numerological transition it heralded. Yet for describing its character, nothing comes closer than the Decade of Trauma — American trauma, that is.

Here in the home of the brave, we’ve endured a decade that shattered nearly every notion of what it meant to be an American, whether you live on the left or the right. And so we shout. Or hide. Or startle too easily. Read more

Joy and Gratitude

December 26, 2008 by Guest Blogger · Comment
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I’m always thrown by the Holidays.  This year I said that I would not fall into that whole retail trap, that I would instead focus on spending time with my children and appreciating each moment with them, but I get stuck.  I start to feel sorry for myself for not having enough for them, for going over my tiny budget and paying bills late to make this happen.  I fell deeply into that trap I tried so hard to avoid. Read more