Guest Worker Program

Recent Praise for Obama Administration Undeserved

On Friday the Obama Administration announced Family Unity Waivers, a new immigration procedure which would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in this country with their US citizen family members while applying for green cards. Previously, applicants had to return to … Continued

Cross-Post: So Much for the Nativists

Originally published by The New York Times on October 26, 2011. Here’s a Capitol riddle for you: Representative Lamar Smith, one of the most reflexively anti-immigrant hard-liners in Congress, is sponsoring a bill to flood the agriculture sector with up … Continued


Cross-Post: ALIPAC takes on the Church of Latter-day Saints

by Domenic Powell. Gratefully lifted from the NC Dream Team blog. “I intend to work against the agenda of the LDS Church in Utah and across America as long as your church continues to try to aid and abet illegal … Continued


Bush Destruction Continues to the Very End

The Bush Administration has revealed devastating changes to an agricultural guestworker program. This program is known as H-2A, and has existed since 1986. It allows for farm owners and agricultural employers to bring in foreign born citizens to work on … Continued


In late May of this year, the Washington State Republican Party held their 2008 convention in Spokane and adopted a party platform for the upcoming election cycle. In one particular section entitled, “Borders, Immigration, and Homeland Security”, the state GOP … Continued