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Breibart News Network Hosts “Uninvited” CPAC Panel

Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Frank Gaffney have long argued that the Obama administration and the “liberal media” have sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood. Saturday, all three redoubled their allegations that conservative leaders are guilty of the same. The … Continued

With New Attack Ads, NumbersUSA Willingly Misleads America’s Veterans with Anti-Immigrant Scapegoating

There is much to quarrel with concerning the recent ads that NumbersUSA has deployed, to the sum of $150,000, in order to attack Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham in his home state of South Carolina. NumbersUSA has the right to quarrel … Continued

Paper Trail: Countering the Center for Immigration Studies’s Lies of Omission

In March 2004, Mark Krikorian wrote the following about his organization, the Center for Immigration Studies, in a piece published on the paleo-Conservative website National Review Online (NRO): “CIS is not now, nor has it ever been, a recipient of money … Continued


Cross-Post: Tom Tancredo Attacks Rick Perry Over Immigrants and Muslims

Gratefully borrowed from Bold Faith Type. Since Herman Cain’s political conversion experience (so to speak) after visiting with the leaders of a Virginia mosque this spring, Islam has taken a backseat as a campaign issue in the Republican primary contest. … Continued


Campus Network Tied To White Nationalists

By Catharine Debelle Youth for Western Civilization (YWC) is a student run network of campus organizations. YWC made its first appearance on the scene was at the CPAC conference in 2009; however it has long been friendly with questionable organizations … Continued