Green Cards

Recent Praise for Obama Administration Undeserved

On Friday the Obama Administration announced Family Unity Waivers, a new immigration procedure which would allow undocumented immigrants to stay in this country with their US citizen family members while applying for green cards. Previously, applicants had to return to … Continued

#FAIL: Steven A. Camarota and the False Prophecies of a CIS Islamophobe

by Jerry Higgins This week sees two anniversaries. The first was on September 11th when, ten years after the horrific attacks, those who died were remembered and mourned. Unfortunately, some chose to abuse the memory of those killed by pushing … Continued


Cross-Post: House Subcommittee Battles Diversity in U.S. Immigration System

Borrowed from the pages of the Immigration Impact blog. By Travis Packer. Opponents of immigration reform are often quick to differentiate their disdain for unauthorized immigration and their alleged support of legal immigration. But finding evidence of their support for … Continued


Restricting the American Dream

In December of 1997, I boarded a plane from Ireland with my family bound for America. My dad had been offered a job in Chicago and he took it without question. When we arrived I faced the daunting task of … Continued