Global Population

William Ryerson Still Perpetuating the “Overpopulation” Myth

by Jesse Sanes As the UN’s 17th international climate summit comes to a close with little in the way of substantive plans to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, the echoes of alarms sounded for a global population reaching 7 billion still … Continued

Negative Population Growth Seeks to Occupy “Occupy”

by Jesse Sanes Even in the midst of the Occupy movement demanding otherwise, anti-immigrant pundits continue to blame the 99% for environmental degradation. With the global population reaching 7 billion within a six month window around October 31st, Malthusians of … Continued


Powershift Attendees Challenge Efforts by Anti-Immigrant Groups to Green Bigotry

By Jesse Sanes This weekend youth from around the country are converging in Washington for the 3rd annual Powershift conference. Over the course of the next few days, students, other young people and allies will participate in movement building workshops, … Continued


Environmental population arguments take a new twist

Theories linking climate change to immigration are becoming increasingly popular.  Anti-immigrant groups aren’t the only ones discussing this intersection. A recent article in Time Magazine also proposes a strong correlation between immigration, population and environmental impact.  Even though the article … Continued


Cross- Post: Is Immigration a Green Issue?

Sami Grover wrote a great article for Treehugger highlighting the issues explored in Center for New Community’s new video, The Green War on Immigrants TreeHugger is a blog about environmentalism, not racism, ethnicity or immigration. Yet from holocaust deniers at … Continued


CAPS Falsely Blames Immigrants for Environmental Problems

Environmentalists everywhere need to stand up against hate groups in America. Californians For Population Stabilization (CAPS) is an anti-immigrant group that has been pushing its racist agenda on Californians for years now. They insist that immigrants are responsible for the … Continued


Sustainability: Thinking Beyond Borders Part 1

I saw an article last week titled “Why Environmentalists Support Immigration Reform” on the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) website. Considering myself an environmentalist, I read the passage to better my understanding of exactly why “I” support immigration reform. … Continued