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International groups call for U.N. protocol on climate refugees

by Martha Pskowski The global community has issued a call for a new protocol on immigration, as climate change threatens developing countries, that the United Nations must heed. At the recent climate talks in Cancún, the Equity and Justice Working … Continued


Of Hope and Pathos: The Failure of National Leadership

Being the week for year-back reflections on the election of Barack Obama, one is hard-pressed to find or feel the euphoric spirit of the nation and the global community that beautiful evening when the new President took the stage in … Continued


Audio: (Part 2) One Be Lo on Hip-hop and Being American.

What does it mean to be “Hip-Hop”? What does it mean to be “American”? In part two of our visit with Michigan-based hip-hop artist One Be Lo, we get his take on both of these questions and what he feels … Continued