Sheriff Joe’s Posse Threatens Mayor Gordon to “Shut Up!”

April 6, 2009 by Jill Garvey · Comment
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In their usual eloquent fashion, Sheriff Joe’s deputies lashed out at critics Friday. After Thursday’s House hearings on 287(g) agreements, where Sheriff Joe’s human rights abuses where well cataloged, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) does its best to muster up genuine outrage.


While Joe’s henchmen do a spectacularly crappy job of acting indignant, the nation continues to turn an ever more critical eye on their activities. Having done such a dismally poor job of covering up their terrorizing ways, screaming into microphones that they are “not racists!!” is no longer enough to convince us that they aren’t, well, racists. Read more

Joe Arpaio’s Guards Allegedly Break Woman’s Arm

March 13, 2009 by Jill Garvey · Comment
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Stephen Lemons at Feathered Bastard posted the story of a 47 year-old woman detained in Sheriff Joe’s infamous Maricopa County prison on possible immigration violations. She allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of guards while trying to exercise her lawful rights. The family of Maria del Carmen Garcia Martinez filed an emergency stay on her behalf and was able to have her removed from the jail. Most immigrants detained in Maricopa County and subjected to abuse are not so lucky. Read more