Senator to the Extreme: Who Exactly Is Ted Cruz Standing With?

Much hullabaloo surrounded the recent one-man performance piece of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), which was staged in one of the great theaters of our nation’s capitol last week. The good senator’s 24-ish hour tirade, more a fundraising appeal than impassioned … Continued


Tea Party Future as Predictable as the Weather

On the eve of Tea Party madness, hundreds of rallies are planned across the nation -nine in greater St. Louis, MO alone. In preparation for the big rally tea party goers are carpooling to Washington D.C. to participate in the … Continued

Disunity in the Tea Party Movement

When we see the pictures of tea parties on the news or in newspapers across the country, all of the attendees at the events seem to be arguing the same thing. Most of them are middle-aged white Americans who are … Continued