Food Giant

Social Inequality For Sale at a Grocery Store (Maybe) Near You

In a holiday “final-minute-before-closing” run to the local grocery store on December 31, I experienced a food justice eye-opener. I rushed into a store while carrying a bag from a previous purchase, zooming right past a man stationed near the … Continued


Food giant disingenuously asserts that it is “Taking Care of the Team”

In a few days, the PBS documentary film, “Doing Virtuous Business” will be shown in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The film examines virtues and principles such as patience, compassion, forgiveness and humility, and their influence on organizational priorities, economic impact and social … Continued


“Big Government” and Bad Food: Open Season at the Table

One can only hope that all the tea partiers who may have recently ended up with salmonella poisoning from Iowa’s bad eggs are rethinking their “big government” attack mantras and, with everyone else, wondering why and how the infamous DeCoster … Continued