Food And Drug Administration

Finally time for food safety?

On Friday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released two new, but long awaited, food safety rules that are part of Obama’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which passed two years ago. Food safety advocates have heralded the law as … Continued


Food Safety Compromised by Poor Regulation and Working Conditions

Metal fragments in your Frosted Mini Wheats?  Salmonella in your organic peanut butter?  That’s just par for the course in modern day food production.  In the past two weeks alone, the FDA has recalled 44 foods for not meeting safety … Continued


Budget Cuts Leave Consumers and Food Workers At Risk

Last Friday night, Washington, D.C. politicians went into overdrive in order agree upon an 11th hour 2011 federal budget.   Framed as a fight to the bitter end, compromises became personally evident by Monday morning as the long undetermined budget cuts … Continued


FDA Risks Lives, Votes to Uphold Homophobic “Gay Blood Ban”

Let’s face it; there is a serious shortage of blood in this country and for that matter around the world. The Red Cross is in dire need of type O Negative blood and is estimating that it will face a … Continued


Food is Not Safe Until Workers are Safe

On March 14 President Obama used his weekly radio/video address to talk about food safety and to announce the nomination of Margaret Hamburg as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner. His announcement came as recent cases of salmonella poisoning in … Continued