First Amendment

Report Details Impact of NYPD Muslim Surveillance Program on Community, Students

By Kalia Abiade “It’s as if the law says: the more Muslim you are, the more trouble you can be, so decrease your Islam.” -          Sari*, 19, Brooklyn College. Traditionally, college is a time when many young adults begin solidifying … Continued

Gary Shapiro: Reflections on Lou Dobbs’ Turbulent Departure

Shapiro posted this great piece on Huffington Post, making sure the coffin on Lou Dobbs’ mainstream media career is nailed shut for good. Lou Dobbs quickly and unexpectedly announced his resignation from CNN this week, terminating his reported multi-year contract … Continued


Right Wing Extremism in America is Real

Are birthers and town hall protesters right-wing extremists? You better believe it! In May of this year the Department of Homeland Security released a report on right-wing extremism in the United States. The report describes right-wing extremism as: “Broadly divided … Continued