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Immigrants are Vital to Our Communities

A few months back workers were let go from their jobs at a local processing plant in Iowa due to discrepancies with their immigration status. I started to get calls on a cold Monday in January. Workers were in a … Continued


Rep. Bachmann’s reckless rhetoric targets environmentalists

In a 2009 interview on a conservative radio program, Michele Bachmann urged Minnesotans to become “armed and dangerous” against Obama’s energy tax bill to reduce carbon emissions. According to the Huffington Post, when Bachmann was asked about the White House-backed … Continued


Cross-Post: Texas Town Refuses to Pass Slew Of Anti-Immigrant Ordinances

The following article was re-posted from Colorlines blog. By Julianne Hing On Tuesday evening the Southern Texas town of Tomball voted down two anti-immigrant ordinances that would have made English the official language of the town and sought to bar … Continued


Cross-Post: The 2010 Without Housing Update Has Arrived!

From WRAP’s (Western Regional Advocacy Project) blog: We’re at a critical juncture for housing policy in this country: millions of Americans are homeless and tens of millions more are on the brink of economic collapse. The 2010 Update focuses public … Continued