Faith Leaders

Friday Media Recall (04.06.2012)

Nearly every Friday we want to offer a collection of media pieces that we’re finding provocative, vital, persuasive, prophetic, genius, infuriating, mind-blogging, and other adjectives that gesture at all things thought-provoking. Some of these posts will, of course, focus on … Continued

Food Justice

Is Nothing Sacred? (Sacred Oppression)

Faith-filled people bestow a level of practical reverence to the offices of pastor, deacon, lay minister, etc.  In addition to word and sacrament, protocols instruct believers and followers to concern themselves with justice, civil and human rights, community outreach and … Continued


Feds Handcuff Racist Arizona Law

Some lawmakers in Arizona like to think of their state as the wild, wild west - a lawless place where it’s every man for himself. Arizona certainly has some unique qualities, but this romanticized idea that modern life in Arizona … Continued


Center for Immigration Studies Manipulates Poll Results from African Americans

It’s hard to swallow when others are putting words in your mouth. But that is exactly what the Tanton Network has been doing with African American communities. In its latest attempt to twist the views of African Americans, the Tanton … Continued


FAIR Concludes Week of Hate

On September 15th and 16th the anti-immigrant group, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), hosted its “town hall of the airwaves” in D.C. to blast hate speech across the nation. The well-known hate group rounded up around 45 extremist radio … Continued