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Anti-Immigrant Groups Blame Immigrants for BP Oil Spill

Amidst an environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, anti-immigrant groups in the John Tanton Network see the BP oil spill as an opportunity to - wait for it - blame immigrants. BP can’t contain the oil spill and the … Continued


Center for Immigration Studies Manipulates Poll Results from African Americans

It’s hard to swallow when others are putting words in your mouth. But that is exactly what the Tanton Network has been doing with African American communities. In its latest attempt to twist the views of African Americans, the Tanton … Continued

Hate Group FAIR Looking for “Ethnically Ambiguous” Actors

Adam Luna posted this excellent blog yesterday: Hate Group FAIR Looking for “Ethnically Ambiguous” Actors—Think You Have What it Takes? Live in Atlanta and feel like having a little fun today? Find out what it takes to be one of … Continued