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Nativist Groups Attack Humane Asylum Policies

Earlier this month, the Obama administration released new guidelines regarding refugees seeking asylum. It was met by the usual push-back from the organized nativist movement. Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant groups claim their vigilance is in the interest of national security and exposing … Continued


Patriot/Minutemen Leader Posts His First Piece on CAPS’s Website

By: Sean Mullin Last week, Jeff Schwilk, founder of the SoCal Patriot Coalition, published a blog for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) condemning President Obama’s “mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.” Attacking the president’s “new level of dictatorial actions” … Continued


Chicago Immigrant Rights Activist Faces Deportation After Traffic Stop

Rigo Padilla is a 21 year-old college student facing deportation after a traffic stop. Padilla was detained and interviewed by the public defender. After the public defender found out that Padilla was not a US citizen, he walked out of … Continued