Pseudo-Environmental Group Releases TV Ads on Jobs

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched television advertisements to be aired in Los Angeles County and around the country, this summer. The brief ad shows images of racially diverse “jobless Californians,” and describes Senator Barbara Boxer as “ready to … Continued

Chicago Bikes Beyond Bigotry!

The Center for New Community is launching its fourth Biking Beyond Bigotry tour this Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Chicago. Riders from Chicago, including youth from West Town Bikes will participate in a half-day bicycle tour around Chicago’s lakefront.   Afterwards … Continued


Journalist must stop using the term “illegal immigrants”

By Sandy Merilan Journalists must stop criminalizing immigrants with sloppy language. The usage of terms like “illegal” creates an environment of hate where acts of violence become legitimized. We are all immigrants, but most importantly we are all human. To … Continued


Imagine 2050 Releases Special Green Issue

Imagine 2050’s second anniversary magazine was released today with an entire issue devoted to ecology, politics, and national identity. The issue is available for download here and on Center for New Community’s website. For two years the writers at Imagine … Continued


Sustaining White America: Population, Environment, and Immigration

Ever since John Tanton launched FAIR three decades ago, the anti-immigrant movement has distorted population growth and its environmental impacts to advance specious arguments that supposedly validate their restrictionist agenda. The Center for Immigration Studies’ (CIS) latest report touting “The … Continued

Food Justice

Food Co-ops: Good for America

Food co-ops may be able to lead the way to a healthier, greener America, but first they must compete with capitalism and carve out a space in mainstream American consumerism. Location is an important factor as they are essentially all … Continued


Buying Local Food: Pros and Cons

These days it seems, the hippest things a person can do is grab their made-from-recycled-materials-travel-mug, fill it up with the “fair trade” blend at the coffee shop, go pick up the new bamboo flooring, throw it in the back of … Continued


The Freegans Among Us

The other day I listened to a customer in the coffee shop where I work complain about the cap Costco put on the amount of rice each customer can buy per visit. It occurred to me that this guy must … Continued

Pedal Powered Humanitarianism

While issues, like global warming and the threat of decreasing natural resources paint the media headlines green, there seems to be less room for other pressing social issues. What happened to Guantanamo Bay? School of Americas? The war in Darfur?? … Continued