Let’s Pause

I was put back together again-literally. After a major accident, resulting in a traumatic brain injury, I experienced what could be called another passage through childhood learning how to walk, talk, dress myself, tie my shoes, brush my teeth, bathe, write and even spell again. I would mix up people, places and yes, things; naturally sometimes I still do.

A little over three years later the changes are astounding. Although I still suffer from various after affects, I am leaps ahead of where they predicted I would be. It’s a testament to the care I received, the encouragement and support of my friends and family, and my determination to get better. I’m not going to… Read more


De La Rocha Speaks to Thousands in Phoenix

By Dan Weiss

On Saturday February 28th, I joined thousands in Phoenix, Arizona to march against America’s most hated Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The four mile long march was the latest step in bringing national attention to Arpaio’s blatant civil and human rights violations.

Men and women of all ages attended the event with shirts, signs, and banners expressing their outrage. Small children showed their pride, holding signs reading “We are Human” and wearing “un-sentenced” t-shirts. Police watched and listened as chant after chant blared, and fist after fist pumped.