Economic Collapse

Frosty Wooldridge: Nativist, Xenophobe, Fake-Environmentalist, Member of FAIR’s Board of Advisors

by Jesse Sanes Earlier this summer Federation for American Immigration Reform’s (FAIR) founder John Tanton’s name strangely disappeared from its board of directors amid the controversy surrounding the exposing of his ties to the broader white nationalist movement. However, not … Continued


Cross-Post: The 2010 Without Housing Update Has Arrived!

From WRAP’s (Western Regional Advocacy Project) blog: We’re at a critical juncture for housing policy in this country: millions of Americans are homeless and tens of millions more are on the brink of economic collapse. The 2010 Update focuses public … Continued


Hey, Dan and Roy, We’ve got “American” Jobs for the Taking!

Hey, Dan Stein and Roy Beck, America knows how concerned you are about American jobs being gifted to immigrants, especially during these days of high unemployment and economic collapse! Your outstanding record of support for American workers and organized labor … Continued