Anti-Immigrant Group Spins Tragedy into Opportunity to Spread Nativist Agenda Against DREAMers

    Last week, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) held a “Vigil for Justice” in Omaha, Nebraska. The event to honor the victim of a heinous act of violence, while seemingly with good intentions upon initial review, merely … Continued

DREAMers Deliver Cantaloupes to Steve King & Supporters

Young DREAMer activists with United We Dream, in coordination with United Farm Workers, spent yesterday morning delivering cantaloupes to 224 representatives who voted with Rep. Steve King of Iowa to end DACA, President Obama’s policy to halt the deportations of … Continued

NC Undocumented Youth Hold ‘UndocuGraduation,’ Demand Tuition Equity

Today, North Carolina undocumented youth will be gathering in Raleigh for “UndocuGraduation” to demand equal access to education. North Carolina is a state that has been historically committed to education. It has the first public university in the country, and … Continued

Kansas DREAMers Demand Kobach’s Resignation

Today, over fifty DREAMers from across the nation are traveling to Topeka, Kansas to protest Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and deliver a message: It’s time to resign as Kansas Secretary of State, and to stop exporting anti-immigrant  measures … Continued


Patriot/Minutemen Leader Posts His First Piece on CAPS’s Website

By: Sean Mullin Last week, Jeff Schwilk, founder of the SoCal Patriot Coalition, published a blog for Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) condemning President Obama’s “mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.” Attacking the president’s “new level of dictatorial actions” … Continued

A Quick Look at the Arrests in North Carolina

This week in Charlotte, NC, undocumented students bravely spoke out against a system that discourages education and creates fear against the immigrant community. On Tuesday, September 6, members of the NC Dream Team held a rally on the campus of … Continued

DIA(B)LOGUE: Your Responses to “Is Dream Act Messaging too Exceptional?”

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas has become an emblem for the Dreamer movement. His rise to cultural saliency was cemented by