Draconian Law

Tucson School Board Upholding Ban on Books Discussing Race and Oppression

The ethnic studies program (MAS) within the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) has been a very successful program with a proven record. Students that participated in the program received higher grades and test scores on average and were more likely … Continued


Video: What is the John Tanton Network?

This video provides the facts on the Tanton Network, its creator John Tanton, and the many ties the anti-immigrant movement has to white nationalism. The anti-immigrant law passed in Arizona last year was introduced by Arizona republican Russell Pearce (shown … Continued


Video: The John Tanton Network

Imagine2050 has received a lot of questions about FAIR and The Tanton Network the last couple of days so we’ve made a video that will give you all the facts on The Tanton Network and its anti-immigrant and white nationalist … Continued