Detention Facilities

Detention Watch Network Launches “Dignity, Not Detention” Campaign

Recently, a wide range of faith, immigrant rights, and community-based organizations joined Detention Watch Network (DWN)  to announce the launch of its “Dignity, Not Detention” campaign, calling on Congress to repeal all laws mandating the detention of immigrants. The campaign … Continued

Crosspost: ICE’s Secret Holding Pens

This article was originally posted on El Diario NY and in English on New America Media. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is disappearing immigrants. ICE must immediately end its dark practice of hiding people in off the radar facilities. Throughout the country, … Continued


Human Rights Crisis Within Our Borders

Treatment of immigrant detainees tells of the shameless brokenness of America’s immigration system. Even the valiant efforts by some to lessen the suffering of families caught in the immigration web are stymied by the lack of rational immigration reform. Recent … Continued


Sotomayor is a Beacon of Opportunity for All Women

To all the women out there who fight for women’s rights, let me introduce you to our new hero, Sonia Sotomayor. Maybe you’ve heard of her already. If confirmed, Sonia will be only the third woman to ever sit on … Continued