NY Times: More deportations come after minor violations — or none at all

Activists this weekend showed up at demonstrations across the country to draw attention to the nearly two million deportations estimated to have occurred since 2008. While many groups were pushing state legislators to change immigration laws, protesters are increasingly turning … Continued

“We Belong Together” Protest Demands Immigration Reform from the House

More than 100 women - many of them undocumented - were arrested today for gathering at the Capitol with demands for  the House of Representatives to stop stalling on passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The women-led, women-focused “We Belong … Continued

Your Saturday Immigration Rundown: 08.20.2011

Hey, hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. For obvious reasons, we’ve devoted a healthy amount of space to the Secure Communities hearing and protests in Chicago, as well as the recent announcement from the White House of … Continued

UNDIVIDED (a documentary): 3 Communities, 1 Struggle

The film UNDIVIDED presents a fresh perspective on the issue of immigration. The 30 minute documentary invites viewers into three very different communities located in Tucson, Arizona; Washington D.C.; and Oakland, California.

Bernard’s Story: a Documentary of Action and Change

COMING SOON! Bernard’s Story, a short documentary that chronicles how and why Enforcement-only stances on immigration can destroy families and communities, will be released this July 4.


Dozens Arrested Protesting at Illinois Detention Center

Last week, over two dozen protesters were arrested for standing against immigration deportations outside a Detention Center in Broadview, Illinois. The first arrests occurred Friday morning outside the detention center.  As protesters gathered, a bus pulled out full of undocumented … Continued

Politics Immigration Blogger Placed in Removal Proceedings

Gratefully cross-posted from by Prerna Lal Last year during my first round of law school final exams, Congress was getting ready to vote on the federal DREAM Act, which would have given undocumented youth in the United States a … Continued


Pseudo-environmental Group Revises American History

Anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) released its Fall newsletter this October, and predictably the focus was almost entirely on immigrants. Despite unrelenting criticism from civil rights groups, CAPS has stubbornly refused to shift, or even diversify its focus. … Continued


Cross-Post: Wonk Room on Mistreatment of Roma in Europe

Andrea Nill over at the Wonk Room discusses the Roma situation in Europe which is testing the EU’s “open borders” policy for member states: This summer, while the immigration debate broiled in the U.S., the government of France launched a … Continued


Cross-Post: The Roma in France

Originally Published in The Irish Times: ONE MEMBER of his own UMP party has compared President Sarkozy’s crackdown on illegal Roma camps to “rafles”, the roundups of Jews in Nazi-occupied France. Romania’s Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi has cautioned against stigmatising … Continued