Depletion Of Natural Resources


New film uses anti-immigrant arguments to make a case for limiting growth

A new documentary film on overpopulation is set to be released in 2011. GrowthBusters bills itself as a film about creating a sustainable civilization by paving the path for a post-growth future.

The film’s creator, Dave Gardner, states that it is about limits to growth, water shortages, hunger, peak oil resources and species extinction. However, he focuses on growth with a specific agenda in mind by taking anti-immigrant positions on overpopulation and promoting theories that blames immigrants for “growth.”

For that reason the film is just the latest attempt to green bigotry and lure environmentalists to neo-Malthusian theories.


Will Restricting Immigration Protect the Environment?

This is a pressing question being discussed across the country and an issue that the Center for New Community is taking quite seriously. In fact, I take this issue so seriously that it will be my focus for the next two to three years in my role as Field Organizer for the Center for New Community’s new initiative on Migration, Race and the Environment. I think that the two theories, the Malthusian and nativist theories (described in further detail below), that have been used to argue that immigration should be restricted, lack substance and thus my answer to this question is that immigration should not be restricted.

The Malthusian theory was born when… Read more