Deferred Action

Colorado ASSET moves forward: the opposition grumbles as immigrant youth speak out

Persistence paid off last month, as undocumented students moved one step closer to equal access to higher education. On Thursday, January 24, the Colorado Senate Education Committee approved a bill called Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow (ASSET), a proposed law … Continued

State fights over driver’s licenses hand the anti-immigrant movement multiple defeats

On Friday, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gave the anti-immigrant movement bad news: immigrant youth who have received deferred action cannot be discriminated against so easily. The announcement should embolden grassroots immigrant rights activists, who over the past … Continued


Kansas Sec’y of State Works to Spread Voter Suppression Measures

In the final weeks of October, most Secretaries of State were busy preparing to administer the election in their respective states. Ensuring a fair and well-functioning voting process for their constituents is ostensibly the most important priority for most Secretaries, … Continued


Obama camp criticizes Romney for ties to Sheriff Joe, Kris Kobach, and Trump

After Romney made a campaign trail quip about Birther conspiracy theories, and one of his advisors, Kris Kobach, filed suit against DHS head Janet Napolitano over Obama’s Deferred Action policy, the President slammed the GOP nominee for his coziness with … Continued

ALIPAC’s Gheen Attacks Obama on Deferred Action

A communiqué from William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC on Monday warns his followers that President Obama has declared “a form of martial law.” Last week, the president announced that certain undocumented immigrants who came to the United … Continued

Anti-Immigrant Leaders Call Obama Policy “Treasonous”

Last Friday, President Obama announced that he will halt deportation proceedings for some DREAM-eligible youth and allow them to apply for work authorization. This announcement was met with a mix of relief and optimism from those in the immigrant rights … Continued

How will Obama Administration’s Announcement Impact Dreamers?

The Obama Administration announced today a major move to grant deferred action to DREAM-eligible youth. The announcement arrives as a result of growing criticism from undocumented youth and immigrant rights activists over what is largely perceived as a failure by … Continued