Death Penalty


Anti-immigrant group glorifies accused child-killing border vigilante

Anti-immigrant group Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) recently published an article defending accused child-killer Shawna Forde. The author, Rob Sanchez - a Senior Writing Fellow at CAPS, had the audacity to not only defend Shawna Forde, but describe her as a political prisoner. Here is an excerpt:

Forde has become an icon of the Minuteman movement and the border enforcement movement. Her enemies hoped that the brutal incarceration including solitary confinement and the threat of the death penalty would force her to be silent on immigration but she will not be silenced.

Sanchez caught flack from another anti-immigrant group for his statements. But not because he lionized an accused killer involved in… Read more


Ohio’s Not-Exactly-Arbitrary Death Penalty

By Andrew Grant-Thomas

This past Saturday I hosted a panel called “Perspectives on Ohio’s Death Penalty” at The Ohio State University. Here’re some takeaways.

Don’t kill a white person, don’t kill a woman, and definitely, absolutely don’t kill a white woman if you want to escape the death penalty.

Stay away from the South, especially Texas, and stick to the stretch of states extending from Michigan west to North Dakota – no death penalty in those states.

In Ohio, if you’re indicted on a capital charge in Hamilton County you’re five times more likely to end up on death row than if you’re indicted in Cuyahoga County.

And if you find yourself before a 3-judge… Read more


Personal Responsibility

Whether you’re fighting for immigrants’ rights, against the Iraq war, the death penalty, or someone holding a sign of a fetus outside a woman’s health clinic or against same-sex marriage, each political group works relentlessly for their ‘cause.’ Each group spends hours calling elected politicians, writing letters to newspapers (so people read their opinions), restless nights on the internet reading the latest blog or the new non-fiction political book.

There’s no doubt conservative (the red team) and progressive (the blue team) activists are focused and dedicated. Each group works hard and strives for success. To put it another way, members of each political flavor are a bunch of serious folks who support the idea of… Read more