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Kansas Sec’y of State Works to Spread Voter Suppression Measures

In the final weeks of October, most Secretaries of State were busy preparing to administer the election in their respective states. Ensuring a fair and well-functioning voting process for their constituents is ostensibly the most important priority for most Secretaries, … Continued


Voter ID Laws are Voter Suppression

Black, poor, female, or over 65? Your right to vote is in jeopardy. Voter ID laws have a devastating effect on groups of people who have fought hard for voting rights. Many conservative state lawmakers are attempting to implement Voter … Continued

Mark Krikorian, Herman Cain, Mosques, and the “Danger” within.

by Jerry Higgins Herman Cain has once again found himself in the news for less than favorable reasons. That pesky religion Islam is doing its best to stop him getting elected President, darn it. This time it was the audacity … Continued